Researcher: get your profile Publinova ready!

Are you a researcher and does your institution participate in Publinova? Complete your profile with these steps. If you want your institution to participate please see here what the institution needs to do.

1. Go to and klik on the login button

2. Log in with your institution account via the login button.

3. Go to your profile and settings and click on profiles, click on main profile. We received this information from your institution. Your main profile is visible on publinova when visitors click on your profile. If you have linked several profiles (step 4.), you can decide which one to set as your main profile.

TIP! Add your personal email adres to your profile through + add profile. This way, after leaving the university you wil always be able to access your Publinova profile.

4.Complete your data. The richer your profile is filled the more findable you will be.

(Tip: If you have an ORCID or another identifier, enter it. Projects and products will then automatically be added to your profile should they also have the identifier).

5. Undouble yourself: check if you also got a profile through other uploads (repositories or products). Find your name in the search bar and filter by people. Click your name and check if the profile is yours (1.) by checking the products or projects (2) and then click This is me (3). This profile and its projects and products will be linked to your main profile. If you accidentally linked the wrong one, click the unlink icon under profile and settings.

6. Check your items. Is everything you want to share on Publinova here? Then you are ready. You may be missing projects or products, you can link these to yourself if they are on Publinova.

7. If you find a product on Publinova that you are also the author of, you can also link it to yourself. Go to the product (make sure you are logged in) and click on I am also an author. The owner will be notified.

8. If you see a project you worked on, you can also link it to your profile. Go to the project (make sure you are logged in) and click on I am also a project member. The owner will be notified.

If your project or product is not yet on Publinova, you can also add it manually.